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Brand new GIFT CERTIFICATES now offered for I.D. Jewelry and Design! Order yours today just in time for Christmas. I can ship to purchaser or receiver. Valid for 1 year from December 25 (for Christmas) or date of purchase for the rest of the year. Watch for huge Christmas sale coming VERY soon. I’ll send out an email when the sale starts!

Show me what everyone has been working on lately. I know with the holiday season creeping up on us everyone is probably very busy. Don’t forget it’s not too late for custom orders or Dragon heads!

I also have some copies of my book in my shop if anyone is still wanting to order one. Kit club participants will get 48 hours head start on the Christmas sale. I’m also allowing, by appointment, shopping trips to my brand new shop in my home. Masks are mandatory,I have hand sanitizer. No bathroom facilities available....sorry all.

I hope everyone is safe,

I miss everyone so much!

Big hugz


Kendra Keels


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