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Kinda Proud....

There was a new jewelry competition this year from Interweave. Some of you may have heard about it. There was 4 categories to enter - (don’t quote me) I think they were Non-beaded, beaded, cut stone (lapidary) and non jewelry item

This was the announcement about the competition

Anyway, I forgot about it....I got an email yesterday announcing I won my category! I enter my dragon piece I wrote the tutorial book on. My Design will be put in either Beadwork magazine or Lapidary magazine. (I cant think of the full name of It)

I thought that was kinda cool. Because of COVID-19 the whole competition was judged on photos.....kinda crazy!

I’m not sure which magazine but it will be in the October issue what month it’ll be in but I’ll post it when I know!

Remember I have the book or the downloadable.pdf for that winning dragon in our shop. The book is called “Once upon a dragon....” its also the dragon that will be made in my Dragon Retreat I’m planning (praying for 2021) once I know it can be safe as it will be a 4 day excursion. (Limited seating) must know the weaves to apply. More announcement coming!

thanks all

be safe


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Carol Ferguson
Carol Ferguson
03 Σεπ 2020


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Woot! Congratulations....that is like an extra little gift that you’d forgotten so that it could be surprise!

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