What’s happening this week!

Morning all!

Updates for this week,

i’ve started auctioning off some of the pieces that were features in my new book “Intricate Wire”. There’s 3 items up for action until Friday Set 25 @8pm

Go to the Blog section to bid/Facebook or Instagram. Pm me with any questions. I’ve changed the giveaway. Any person who bids on any of the many auctions to come will be entered into a draw to win a free copy if my new book. Every bid is 1 entry. Kit club members won’t pay shipping if they can wait for the next KIT CLUB mailing. If not shipping is $5. NEXT - WIRE SALE!

All 99.9, 92.5, Argentium and gold filled wire is now 20% off. You will note it doesn’t matter how much you order the regular price is the same. The 20% discount is better then any price break I was giving. Again, KIT CLUB MEMBERS - FREE SHIPPING with next kit club mailing. Wire sale is on until Monday Sep 28. here‘s the auctions happing now

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The gemstone cab sale will be SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 28 at 12pm. First come first serve. Items will be sold in lots. No you can’t take a portion of the lot you must purchase it all. Deep discounts.... KIT C


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