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 2013 -I started my journey of discovery into the vast and wonderful world of wirework/wire wrapping. I was like a woman possessed! I absolutely LOVED it. The thought that I could make a career out of something I absolutely loved was completely foreign to me. My poor boyfriend was almost a jeweller's widow to my obsession. My finishing just one more piece, reworking just one more design or soldering just one more joint. You'll be happy to know he stuck in and is my biggest cheerleader.
 2014 - Business is open! It was so long in coming I never thought this day would come. The curtain is up, here we go...
 2015 - I entered metal competitions with Fire Mountain Gems, click the button below to see my bio. With my 3 entries, all made it to the finals and have been turned into ads in magazines. My dragon took Employee's Choice - Grand Prize, Peacock piece took Silver overall for necklaces & My Lion was a finalist
​I wrote 2 soft cover books that I am currently selling. "My Little Black Book of Tutorials 1 & 2" Sold separately.
 2016 - My year has started with a bang. I was scouted by RAW - Toronto, click the button Below read my bio. I entered Fire Mountain Gems again with 2 entries this year, Both made it to the finals. The Caribbean Dreams Set Took Gold in sets and my Blue was a finalist.
 2017 - This was a BIG year for me. I started  working with 2 more amazing Canadian artists (for a total of 3) We've done some AMAZING collaborations together. My work is being sold by WHITESPACE in Florida, USA. My line of kits is launched and my 3rd book "DRAGONS" is released. I was scouted by a Fashion Stylist out of Las Angeles. I was asked to take part in a gifting tent at a major award ceremony  I'm doing a lot of teaching (beginner, Intermediate and now advanced) out of 2 amazing Bead shops. I took part in Fire Mountain Gems Metal Contest again with 2 entries . Both made it to the finals. My Dragon Queen Piece took President's Choice - Grand Prize and My Canadian Spring Piece took Gold in Necklaces. 
 2018 - Once again, it's been an amazing year!! My "Once upon a dragon....." won 2nd place in Bead and Button's wire competition and was in the October issue of Bead and Button magazine.
a fine silver set i made took gold in sets in the fire mountain metal competition and will be used in their advertising on the back of a magazine. 
Can't wait to see what the rest of the year brings......
 2019 - I'm not going to lie....this year was truly a blur.
I was offered and accepted a tutorial book deal by Kalmbach Publishers! This would prove to be one of my craziest years to date. Between doing 30+ trade shows, making new pieces, custom work and writing a book......I'm exhausted just remembering it. But I wouldn't trade a single day of it for anything in the world. Even as hard as it was.....I loved (almost) every minute of it!
2020 -Wireweave KIT CLUB LAUNCHED. I have started a monthly, paid, kit club that includes lots of goodies. Check out the Members Only section to start your paid membership. I have a new dragon this year called "What would a dragon wear?" It's a dragon tie and faux shirt collar two piece design. It's down at Fire Mountain Gems in the finals....It won President's choice!!
My book is supposed to be released this summer July-August...It's called Intricate Wire. You will be able to purchase it on Amazon, Bead and Button, Interweave and local beading stores. Contact me if you can't find a copy. There will be launch parties. 
Also this year I'll be doing more teaching and launching a "Dragon Retreat" It'll be a full weekend of learning how to make one of my dragons. All expenses will be included in the price with limited seating....stay tuned.
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