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Once Upon a Dragon.....pdf download

Once Upon a Dragon.....pdf download


A wire weave tutorial book on how to make a 3" Dragon Head. Loaded with 300+ color photos. Included is the dragon head, removable wings, dragon tail earrings, love knot chain, wire weave tutorials and loads of tips and tricks from the author. This is considered an intermediate tutorial book but with practice, anyone can learn to make this award winning wire wrapped dragon. Make as much of the dragon as you choose. Enjoy the journey into a 3D creation.

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    Please don't share this with anyone. You're purchasing the rights to read and enjoy.

  • Copyright

    Please don't copy or resell this tutorial. You're puchasing a copy for yourself not to pass around. Please respect the fact that the artist wrote this for your enjoyment. Please don't replicate for financial gain. Please enjoy the process and respect the artists wishes. You can write to the artist for permission for sale of finished pieces.

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