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Turtle Dove Pendant Kit -ALL COPPER

Turtle Dove Pendant Kit -ALL COPPER


Who doesn't love a turtle? They mean different things in different cultures. You can either SOLDER the wire frame closed. Either way this turtle will teach you another new way to see design. Colours vary. Basic wire work tool kit and soldering station needed.


Intermediate/advanced level needed


Ever wanted to learn about the wonderful world or wire weaving? Here’s your chance to learn from Award winning designer/published author Debbie Benninger from I.D. Jewelry and Design. (Her tutorial book ‘Intricate Wire’ is for sale separately or also offered in a kit.) She will guide through the various levels and projects from beginner to advanced. This veteran teacher has put her decade of knowledge into this brand new line of kits. With over 45 to choose from, there’s something for everyone! Now the hard part…which one to start with first!

Supplies needed - basic wire working tool kit including - round nosed pliers, flat nosed pliers, wire cutters, mandrels of different sizes (can use pens or dowels), ruler, marker and bright workspace. If special items needed (ex - solder station, hammer and bench block etc) it will be listed on the kit.

You will follow instructions inside kit to get tutorial .pdf files. Email Debbie to get full instructions with pictures, weave tutorial and how to ball a wire. For videos that are included -start by following I.D. Jewelry and Desi