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I have a show this weekend!!! Sept 12-13 from 11-6pm. I know the hosts of this show and ALL COVID-19 rules will be followed! Here’s a flyer for the show. If you wanted to place an order and pick it up from at the show PLEASE ORDER BEFORE FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 11. If you want to save on shipping. I won’t have any wire with me but if there’s enough interest I can bring my gemstone cabochons with me. Pm me with any order or request you’d like me to begin. Also, as long as it’s not too busy, I’ll gladly help with any project you may be stuck on or if you just want to show off your creations to me!

Sorry for the delay on the .pdf written tutorial for the CONNECTED CUFF VIDEO CLASS. This show was a bit or a surprise and crazy busy trying to get ready for this show. Here’s the flyer for it

I’d LOVE to see everybody again and yes Mary Ann from MA BEADS will be with me!

chat soon,


Sarah Prime
Oct 04, 2020

@cdenter Excellent!! Glad you’re having fun! Hope to see you, bring a mask!



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