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Happy Friday all! First I have announcements to make:

in regards to my book “Intricate Wire” (the book that just wont release itself!!) The first batch of books that were printed were ALL faulty. When the printer attached the covers to the book.....they must have used old glue or it’s was a Friday....I don’t know but ALL of the copies seem to be falling apart. I’ve heard Amazon is doing nothing about it. Never fear....Deb is here to fix it. I’ve been in long chats with my publisher (Kalmbach) and they’re just as upset as I am.

If you purchased one of my books, (anywhere) please call the number I’m about to give you. (It’s to Kalmbach publishing) They will send you a replacement copy just as soon as they’re ready to go. PLEASE don’t go back to where you purchased it from. (I’ve heard that Amazon is NOT helping anyone anyway)

Please, if you have received your book and are reviewing it on Amazon, please, review it on the content of the book. Not what happens to them. The printing issue is being fixed, please judge the contents of the book. My name is on the book and I feel responsible to make sure EVERYONE WILL get a proper copy. Here is the number to call if you live in Canada or the USA. 1-800-533-6644 If you live out side of these areas, I’ll post the number to call in the comments below. While we all patiently wait for the eventual release of my book, I’ve decided to do an auction of the majority of the pieces in the book. (Give everyone a peak at what’s coming) All of the pieces were published in the book, I will tell you if it was a main project piece or an extra example they used in a tutorial. There are 18 tutorials in my book with many revisions for extra projects. Ex - there’s a bangle that can also be made into a cuff. I will be showing the first few that will go up for auction this weekend. If there’s 1 you want but will be away, let me know your Maximum Bid and I’ll bid for you to that number. More info to come. that’s all for now

Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions




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