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Happy Friday all!

So sorry I don’t have a FREEBIE FRIDAY tutorial this week. I’ve been crazily planning for the LIVE CLASS videos and rewriting my Celtic Dragon tutorial. Hopefully I’ll have a new FREEBIE soon

I‘m still missing 3 people whom haven’t joined the LIVE CLASS group on my Facebook page. If you Paid for the LIVE CLASS Please make sure you ask to join my GROUP through my business Facebook page ASAP so I know everyone is there and understands. Second. Everyone should have their tutorial for the class. I sent it in an email. If you don’t please let me know. I believe everyone has their kit, if not let me know. I’m just wanting to check in with everyone. Anyone who now wants to Join the LIVE CLASS - Together pendant can. I can’t guarantee that your kit will be there on time but it won’t really matter as the classes will be taped so you can watch, pause and replay them as much as you want. Today IS the FINAL day it will be offered at $25 plus shipping. It will go up tomorrow. PLEASE NOTE THE PRICE TODAY IS $27 TO ACCOMMODATE SHIPPING CHARGE. This was a special for all my amazing students and new friends I’ve been meeting since COVID started. Big hugs to all who joined, thank you!

this week I’m offering FREE SHIPPING on everything (except LIVE CLASS KITS) USE CODE FREESHIP

Have a great weekend

chat soon


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