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I’m shipping the paid membership Kit Club tomorrow. If any of my students want to order another Together Kit, they can ship (no extra shipping charge) with their kits. Pm me if you want one as the left over kits have gone up to regular price for anyone new wanting to still do the Together Video class!

i have filled the ”TOOL” section in my shop with lots of Swarovski and cabochons to come

Also, I’ve heard a lot of students mentioning sore fingers. Remember I do sell a roll of finger wrap that sticks to itself not to your finger. You can wrap tools with it too and it doesn’t leave a residue. It’s a great product for only $8/roll. If I haven’t added it to my shop yet I will be this weekend. if you still are on the fence about joining the PAID MONTHLY KIT MEMBERSHIP, you can order it, try the first kit then cancel before I send out the 2nd kit. Now is a great time to jump into it as the next batch is ready to ship!

chat soon all!

please be safe and show me what you’ve been making!


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