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Auction #3

Michelle Pendant 2 - fine silver (99.9) wire with 18“ sterling silver chain

Length- 2 1/2”

Width - 1”

Made up of - Sterling silver beads, Swarovski Bermuda Blue teardrop.

Shown on the COVER from my book Intricate Wire. (Main tutorial photo)

Particulars - This is fun to wear with just about anything, The sweeping movement of this pendant keeps the eye following the wire wherever it goes. They are dotted with sterling silver beads, and that dramatic multifaceted Bermuda Blue teardrop. The monochromatic tones could make it your everyday statement piece and doable for all ages.

Shipping costs are a flat fee of $5.00 and can be combined with another auction or a purchase from my shop.


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4 comentarios

12 oct 2020

Cassandra - $110 blue Michelle

Me gusta

$100 for Blue Michelle.

Me gusta

10 oct 2020

Liz S. - $90

Me gusta

I would like to bid $80. For the Blue Michelle Pendant.

Me gusta
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