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Final day of SITE WIDE SALE

I know we're all desperately missing our family and friends during this time of year so what's the best way to get through this.....together! Lets see what everyone has been it! Let's start the conversations again. I miss all my clients, students and everyone I've yet to meet who love the world of wire weaving. My deepest apologies for my silence lately. I've had some personal and health issues and let's be honest, COVID and isolation is hitting us all pretty hard these days. Soooooo.......

let’s shop!

If you’ve been interested in joining the monthly KIT CLUB. Now is a great time to try it! I’m offering a free bonus month by signing up for any of the memberships. If you find it’s not for you, just cancel before the 2nd kit is sent. (You’ll receive your FREE kit on month 2)

Flat fee shipping is in effect. If your order is small, you WILL BE REFUNDED THE DIFFERENCE IN ACTUAL SHIPPING COSTS. So now is a great time to load up. As always, everything is listed in CANADIAN PRICES! I’m a PROUD CANADIAN ARTIST so I charge in Canadian prices on my site!

Questions? Don’t hesitate to ask.

Also ALL KIT CLUB MEMBERS RECEIVE AN EXTRA 10% off there purchase with code KITCLUB (If you’re not in the club please don’t try and use it.)

Valentines Day is just around the corner and custom orders are always welcome!

Take care all! Be safe


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2 comentarios

31 ene 2021

I hope everyone will start uploading projects they’re done! I’ll add some of my new pieces! Thanks for sharing Sheila!

Me gusta

Wow, this pendant is truly lovely! It has been a wild ride and things are a bit crazy in my world just now but I am looking forward to getting back to be creative! I did my shopping last night, with some dreaming about shapes I could make.....which was a lovely way to close my day! Looking forward to seeing the art that comes from everyone’s hands!

Me gusta
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