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Intricate wire book

Hi all!

Sorry I’ve been quiet lately. It’s been 2 weeks of my highest highs and lowest lows. Not to worry, everyone is safe and healthy. As you all know by now my book “Intricate Wire” releases in August 2020 with preorders happening now...everywhere! Yes, I’m beyond proud and excited. But amidst all the excitement I received an email from the head of Kalmbach publishing announcing that the ENTIRE jewelry department is closing....for good. This includes

Bead and Button shows & their magazine PLUS all jewelry books.

So what does that mean, you ask? My book is in their warehouse and being distributed to all companies who’ve ordered it. (Not to worry, if you ordered it you WILL receive it) what it means is my book will ONLY be available until August 2021. That’s it...that’s all...

please don’t get me wrong...I’m so honoured to have written this book and had it published.....but it won’t be here long. We’re still in talks about possible downloadable copies after August 2021 but because this is such new news, no details are final....

I have received my copies of my book and am truly proud of it! I hope you’ll jump in and get your copy while it’s still available. I am still hoping to have a get together, when it’s safe, for everyone who’s purchased the books. I’m sorry, I don’t have any extra copies for sale. Shipping them up would have cost too much. Heres a link to the Canadian Amazon option of Intricate Wire below

And of coarse, everywhere else in the world, if you goggle it you can purchase it everywhere, including

I am starting to plan a new LIVE/TAPED CLASS this week! I’m still fine tuning my idea so keep posting what you’d like the project to be. The price of the class will be going up a bit. The students who took the first class and my KIT CLUB MEMBERS WILL be getting a discount for taking a chance with me on the first class. Below is a sneak peak of what the projects are in my new book!! There’s fusing with Argentium and all my tips on Wire weaving, fusing...etc. The last project, in the book, is an updated version of the very first pendant I ever made that I was truly proud of. The same, first pendant, is on all my marketing materials in the background. I hope everyone enjoys the book as much as I loved creating up!

be safe!

keep weaving!

chat soon!


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Carol Ferguson
Carol Ferguson
Sep 03, 2020

I just got an email from amazon with an expected delivery date of the book for September 29


Pre ordered it through the link....thanks for letting us know.


Thanks Deb, so sorry to hear that, I buy a lot of books from them. I do beading as well. Such a shame. The world sure is changing. I'm glad I ordered it a month ago! Looking forward to receiving it. Also, cannot wait to see what your next online class will be - just loved the first one! Hang in one door closes, another opens, just don't stare at the closed one too long!


Carol Ferguson
Carol Ferguson
Jul 27, 2020

Thanks for the heads up and link. I just placed my order.


Thank goodness I ordered mine from Amazon June 22. Can't wait till August.

Thanks for letting us know. Very sorry to hear the news.

Keep your hopes up things will work out.

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