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2020 Dragon Tie

This piece is called "What would a Dragon wear?" Every year i charged with making brand new large scale dragon. I am running out of places to put a dragon on the Here he is in all of his glory. This year i decided to make a dragon tie with faux shirt collars that hold his wings. The dragon scale tie is made from titanium scales and has chainmaille with clasp to wear the tie

The weaving is done from copper, fine silver, brass and yellow gold filled wires. He's loaded with metal beads in copper, fine silver and gold filled. His head is a gorgeous labradorite and so is the stone between his horns. His eyes are lapis gemstones. This is made in two pieces so the tie can be worn separately. I will be offering custom made dragon ties (no faux shirt collars). Message me if you're interested.

He's down at Fire Mountain Gems in the finals of the metal competition. Fingers crossed...


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