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Sorry there‘s no FREEBIE FRIDAY tutorials this week. I’ve been gearing up for some video demos and working on the LIVE CLASS. BY NOW EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE THEIR INSTRUCTIONS. IF YOU DON’T, PLEASE CONTACT ME WITH YOUR CORRECT EMAIL ADDRESS.

This weekend is the last chance to order your Kit for the class. The mail may be getting better as some people are starting to receive their kits. You can order a 2nd kit if you’d like to make it in a different colour. Up to you. If you know anyone who’d be interested in the class please forward the info on I would appreciate that.

I’m still working on the best platform for the class. I want to record the class so the people who paid to take the class can watch the video after it’s over to help you finish your project.

Lots of new exciting things happening as we continue on this journey,

As always be safe all


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