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New Dragon Tutorial book!

Sorry I've been MIA lately, I've spent the last few months re writing my Dragon Tutorial book! AVAILABLE NOW ON MY WEBSITE or through and

A wire weave tutorial book that teaches you how to make one of my famous Dragon heads, nose to tail. Included is a step by step guide into making removable wings, dragon tail earrings and a Love Knot chain to make a truly handmade dragon start to finish.

It has 300+ color photos and is loaded with extras; including a weave tutorial, antiquing section and lots of tips and tricks to help you on your journey. Completely re written with new projects and a brand new look. This book, in softcover, is 8" x 10", so it's much larger than the old 6" x 6". (.pdf copy is $35.00) (soft book copy is $40.00)

It has a Brand New Title too......."ONCE UPON A DRAGON........"

This is an intermediate tutorial book, but with some practice, everyone can make a

Love wire weaving? Check out my first book "Intricate Wire". It has 20+ projects from mirror image earrings, bangle bracelets and a journey into the world of Argentium Silver. The sky is the limit with all of these new skills.

The world of wire weaving is huge so never stop learning and practice really does make perfect.

It's taken literally months for me to complete this BRAND NEW BOOK!

You can purchase and download it on my website for a digital copy or purchase a soft copy book from me. It's 68 pages long. It will be included in the price of the "Dragon Retreat" . If you can't wait until then, you can purchase ahead of time and the price will be deducted from the cost of the Dragon Retreat. (I only have 25 soft copies coming in within the month - so if you want to preorder one, let me know so you can get your name on one - soft copies are $40.00)

This book is loaded. The photos on here are the actual dragon made while writing and photographing the book.

Always remember to be 'InDividual by Design'

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Received my copy today! It is beautiful!


Definitely want to join the retreat class!


Ordered one! The pictures look amazing!

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