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Next Auction Trio begins!

Here’s what’s on Auction from today, October 9- Sunday October 12 @ 7pm.

Thanks to everyone who has preordered/ordered my new Wire Weaving book “Intricate Wire” Due to the late release, I’ve decided to auction off some of the samples that were used in the making of the book. Some were the main pieces used in the tutorials and some were used as filler and variations photos. I will tell you what page they were on and if it was a main tutorial piece. PLEASE NOTE- EVERY TIME YOU BID YOU’LL BE ENTERED IN TO A DRAW FOR A FREE BOOK “INTRICATE WIRE”. If you already own it you’ll receive a gift certificate for my website. This auction will last until Monday October 12 at 7pm (Toronto time zone) You can bid either Instagram, Facebook or my website on my blog. Shipping is not included. I will combine shipping costs. The price listed is the minimum and will sell. Please bid in $ amounts. (PLEASE NOTE - YOU CAN BID RIGHT UP UNTIL AUCTION ENDS. PLEASE MAKE YOUR LAST BID BY 6:50pm on Monday so if anyone else was interested in bidding they have a chance to respond. There’s no countdown clock so please watch it right up to the end so you don’t miss out. If a bid is too close to call, both bidders will be notified and I will monitor last bids) Each piece will be listed separately with all the sizes and what they’re made of. I will send invoices Sunday night/Monday morning and payment will be due that day. Below are the 3 auctions starting now. I will be monitoring it to keep updated bids on all sites. Pm me before bidding with any questions. All sales are final. without further ado here’s the next batch!


DENISE EARRINGS - $50 - copper



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