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PART 3 of the reDesign Line Tutorials

Here it is! Part 3 is called the “Spring Lariat“ Tutorial. Yes, when you add this piece to what we’ve been building, you’ll have a separate pendant or when put together with Part 1, a new Lariat style necklace!! What will next month bring to this collection? You’ll have to wait and see!!

Add Part 1 to this and you get

Want to get in on the fun making this amazing set? Once the pieces are made, some will make a whole new piece!! Cryptic?? I know, trying not to spoil it. Only place to get these tutorials is from MONTHLY KIT CLUB!! Join for as little as 6 months to get the complete reDesign Line of tutorials! Try for 30 days and cancel before the 30 days is up if it’s not for you! Check out KiT Club Membership for 3,6 or 12 months! Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions about it! Shipping and taxes are included in the monthly price! Order from anywhere around the world!

chat soon!


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