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Welcome All!

Let's start with my name. Hi all, I'm Debbie. I live in Ontario, Canada...yes the great white I don't live in an igloo...

A bit about myself.....I’m a full time jewelry artist. I was born and raised in London, Ontario. I've been a wire weave artist full time now for 7 years. I usually work 10-12 hrs a day, Monday - Friday. I teach classes and love doing them! I have the best students around. Watching a student figure something out and the joy on their face is what keeps me going. I love what I do and love helping others live their dream.

I'm divorced and now live with an amazing man who has truly shown me what love is and lets me follow my passion wherever it leads. His love and mutual admiration is what pushes me to strive for all my dreams.

My first book "Intricate Wire" will be launched this summer 2020 and is published by Kalmbach Publishers. I've never been more proud or excited.....and terrified.....

I have a crazy dog named "Wallace" who tries my patience every day. Then i look in his eyes and can't help but love him.

I’m known for my dragon’s and have international awards for them. I've been published and enjoyed much success. That doesn't by any stretch of the imagination mean I know everything. I'm still just a student like you. The learning new things is what gets me excited about what i do.

No question is too big or too small, just ask. If i don't know the answer, I'll tell you i don't.

I hope you're starting to settle into the new website and Blog.. I truly hope whatever drew you to this journey with me you find. I'm always here to answer any questions, or help with design advice. Take the time to go through all of the tidbits of information I've left laying around. Download some free .pdf's and get wire weaving!

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Wallace has a very sweet face! Be hard to stay mad at that much sweetness!!


Lisa Mackay
Lisa Mackay
Apr 11, 2020

I LOVE Wallace and so does his cousin

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