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Morning all!

I’m sure by now we’re all going a bit stir crazy with another lock down, stay at home order in place......I know I am! So to get rid of my frustration I’ve been working on a special surprise for KIT CLUB member!

starting the beginning of May, I’ll be doing what’s called a “Transformation” series. It will last 4+ months. Each piece your make, each month, can be worn separately BUT the next month you’ll receive a kit to make something you can add to the original design to make a new piece of jewelry! (And where each piece separately)

It will give you an entire jewelry suite of items that go together or separately!!

I’m so excited to launch this new set of projects but I need your help for me to name unseen! Now is a great time to Join KIT CLUB. Remember you can cancel within 30 days of joining, as long as it’s before I send the next kit! It’s $35/month shipping and taxes included. You’ll receive everything you need to make the complete project in copper, sometimes i know in Silver accents on pieces. Plus a chain, earring finding or whatever else you need to wear it!

I’m working on having outside Club meetings, at my home, this summer once a month. (As long as Covid plays nice) I will only have them if I KNOW it’s safe to do so.

i will be giving a sneak peak for Project #1 at the end of this week for “———— transformation“

So in the meantime...please help me name it!

”—————- Transformation” isn’t very catchy! Lol

Also, if you’d like to join Kit Club feel free to contact me or sign up right on my website under Kit Club!

I miss each and everyone of you, whom I’ve met of coarse, and can’t wait to see you all again. (From 6 feet away, wearing a mask! Lol)



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